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Our industrial PCs are used in various fields


Think Globally – Act Locally

Service structures and levels are different from company to company and location to location. We place great emphasis on providing local service for you, from mounting or installation to logistical handling of services cases, with resources from our company, your company or even from a service provider. In many countries all over the world, we are already working with a network of local service partners whom we can recommend. If you prefer a service partner, we will integrate and support it into our network.

  • Service, not only repair but also pre-sales, (support in the definition of requirements, in the selection of the right products) to other services (installation, configuration of Wi-Fi, support with roll-outs) to support (quick response in event of repair)


  • Optimal production control
    Optimal production control

    Industrial PCs for the supply chain

    In vehicle production, the principle of "lean manufacturing" applies. A pre-requisite for optimal production control is information which is available at the right place at the right time with the right quality – on forklifts in the parts warehouse as well as on tugger trains in production logistics. Faults or especially failures directly effect the entire supply sequence – the right hardware has a great impact on safer processes.

    Well-designed hardware for challenging environments

    • Completely encapsulated, fanless
    • Compact vehicle mount terminals with integrated components such as wide-range power supply units or uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
    • Dust- and water-resistant in accordance with protection class IP66 -> reliable even in demanding environments such as machining production (oily air) or carbon processing (electro-conductive fiber dust)

    Plus: Reliable spare parts logistics

    Quick supply of spare parts is a central component of after-sales service in the automotive industry. The stock range is rich in variety and particularly complex. So that ordered spare parts can be shipped out on time, our industrial PCs as forklift or commissioning terminals make for the precise and flexible flow of warehouse logistics.

  • Day to day in vehicle production
    Day to day in vehicle production

    Paper-free storage and supply technology in vehicle production

    In vehicle production, processes – from storage to material provision to supply of spare parts – must be ensured on a reliable and consistentbasis. The right selection of hardware plays a significant role in supporting these complex processes and is of ever-greater importance.


    • Protected against external influences, vibrations and shocks
    • Universally-applicable systems
    • Long product lifetime for optimal RoI
    • Global availability (among others China, the US, Mexico, Brazil), including corresponding certifications

    Product solution in action

    In production logistics, our sturdy vehicle mount terminals on forklifts and tugger trains ensure that the necessary vehicle parts and materials are delivered to the production line just in time. The risk of delays or even a production halt is minimized by the selection of sturdy and reliable systems. For operator control, resistant industrial digital signage displays visualize important production data.


Challenging work environment

High deadline pressure, error-free inventory management, high turnover figures – the challenges for companies are growing; smoothly-functioning processes are decisive for success. Goods distribution, for example in retail, requires complete transparency at all times – from delivery to inventory queries, commissioning, loading and distribution to individual markets.

  • Optimized inventory management
    Optimized inventory management

    Technically-optimal design of business-critical areas

    At icy temperatures in the deep-freeze warehouse or in bright sunshine: Our industrial PCs can be used from
    -30 °C to +50 °C and function without problems, even if temperatures fluctuate quickly. Extensive tests in the development phase and industrially tested components guarantee that the vehicle mount terminals process, transmit and provide data at any time.

    Product solution in action

    DLT-V83 vehicle mount terminals with Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT), i.e. extremely resistant, scratch- and abrasion-proof touch screen displays, which are also well-suited for multi-touch operation. The integrated uninterrupted power supply (UPS) ensures uninterrupted processes, for example even when a forklift battery is being changed. The terminal's own power supply bridges interruptions and saves time. The computers do not have to be shut down and restarted, but can be used at all times.


    • Can be used under extreme environmental conditions
    • Maximum protection against shock and vibrations, dust and water
    • Shock and vibrations, dust and water
    • Reliable data entry and collection
    • Error-free data transmission
    • Easy operation
  • Day to day in logistics
    Day to day in logistics

    Strong industrial computers for intralogistics and storage

    Reliable and fail-safe industrial computers from Advantech-DLoG ensure problem-free communication and are an important pre-requisite for efficient processes along the entire supply chain. Our industrial PCs are mounted on forklifts, lift trucks, commissioning vehicles, tugger trains, etc. in order to scan and transmit data, or as stationary units, they visualize processes or control/monitor systems. 

    At icy temperatures in the deep-freeze warehouse or in bright sunshine: Our industrial PCs can be used from -30 °C to +50 °C and function without problems, even if temperatures fluctuate quickly. Extensive tests in the development phase and industrially tested components guarantee that the vehicle mount terminals process, transmit and provide data at any time.


Intelligent link between goods and customers

The "Mom and Pop" store is a thing of the past; today's consumer expects much more. The fulfillment of all his wishes, at any place and at any time. New technologies and the Internet of Things forge new paths for the retail business. Intelligent information and point-of-sale terminals as well as a clever infrastructure build the foundation for optimally utilizing the possibilities of the online world to keep shopping in the offline world attractive. 

Link to:  The Advantech iRetail experience

  • Digitale logistics
    Digitale logistics

    Intelligent terminals support retail and sales...

    1. with payment processes with integrated point of sale solutions, mobile payment options, bonus programs which increase customer loyalty.
    2. with consultation - good consultation makes purchasing more attractive for a purchaser. With modern payment terminals, for example product availability can be easily checked, and alternative or additional products can be offered, etc.
    3. with customer information - interactive info terminals lead through the store and the product range, present current deals and more.
    4. in advertisement - location-based marketing services make possible automated, location-related advertisement which promises the buyer and dealer direct added value. 
    5. in the analysis of buyer behavior - purchasing and buyer behavior can be analyzed and adapted directly and in real-time using the collected data. We can react immediately to requirements, even if these are not explicitly expressed by the customer - his data speaks for him.
    6. in the optimization of inventory - goods are continuously recorded and can be traced in the entire delivery chain using modern terminals. Sales can be predicted soundly and reorders can be handled as needed.
  • Day to day for digital service terminals
    Day to day for digital service terminals

    Other areas of application for digital service terminals

    • Retail and shops
    • Hotels and gastronomy
    • Airports
    • Trade shows
    • Shelf and goods warehouses
    • Hospitals
  • Recommended products for iRetail

Fleet Management

Efficiently managing fleets and vehicles

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long found its way into car and truck fleet management. Like in nearly no other field, integrated computer solutions support organizational as well as logistical activities and help to handle the high cost and time pressures. Vehicle computers become the link between central offices and drivers. They merge all important data and information and visualize it, allow for real-time communication, reliable load planning and scheduling, continuous traceability and much more.


  • Fleet management with vehicle computers
    Fleet management with vehicle computers

    On-board computers communicating in real-time for fleet management

    In order to efficiently manage truck fleets, sturdy vehicle computers are needed
    which can be easily integrated into modern fleet and route management systems

    Requirements on suitable vehicle computers:

    • Visualization of all driver information on one display
    • Merging of data of all connected systems
    • Data availability and updating in real-time
    • High operational safety and reliable support

    Product solution in action -TREK Vehicle Box PC with connected 

    touch display, TREK Vehicle All-In-One PC or PWS Rugged Tablet PC


    • Clearly displayed work routines
    • Convenient, easily understandable touch operation
    • Real-time communication between driver and central office
    • Computer shuts down automatically when the motor is switched off
    • Durable and updatable solution
  • Day to day in fleet management and bus transport
    Day to day in fleet management and bus transport

    Fail-safe, communication-safe, future-proof

    e-Bus systems for public transport - intelligent data collection and processing

    The current challenges in the management of buses and fleets are not insignificant: punctuality of the vehicles, unpredictable vehicle occupancy especially with passenger traffic, high requirements on safety and personal protection in transport and traffic all must be considered. Passengers expect more and more comfort - easy payment methods are in as much demand as entertainment and relevant information in the bus, such as the weather report, the current location, traffic information in general or at the destination specifically.

    Possible applications:

    • Reliable location determination
    • Electronic ticketing
    • Automatic alarm in the event of breakdowns and delays
    • Rear-view camera to prevent accidents
    • Door sensor with passenger counter
    • Video monitoring of passenger area
    • Audio system for driver announcements
    • Infotainment via digital signage displays


    • More security
    • Reliable load planning and scheduling
    • Flexible routing
    • Continuous tracking
    • Calculable maintenance
    • Theft protection
    • Driver training
      -> Lower operating costs, improved punctuality, more satisfied customers, lower insurance premiums

Heavy Duty

Challenging work environment

With tippers, excavators, caterpillars, wheel loaders, cranes, mining and quarry equipment, earthmoving or tunnel boring machines, malfunctions result in high follow-up costs. The sturdy vehicle computers from Advantech-DLoG help keep the heavy machines ready for operation in the long run and also implement the challenging projects according to schedule. 

  • Adaptable vehicle mount terminals
    Adaptable vehicle mount terminals

    Tough - vehicle mount terminals for heavy equipment

    Our sturdy vehicle computers help keep the heavy machines ready for operation
    and implement the projects according to schedule:

    • Under extreme environmental conditions
    • With the highest product quality
    • With consistent reliability
    • With individual solutions

    Anpassungsfähige Fahrzeugterminals

    • Diverse configuration and expansion options for every area of application
    • Different connection options for extensive monitoring and control
    • A variety of installation concepts adapted to every customer in order to make integration of the terminals into every vehicle easy and safe
  • Day to day in tunnel construction
    Day to day in tunnel construction

    Quality pays off

    The high performance and reliability of our products are based on our many years of experience in the development of electrical equipment, electronics, mechanical systems and software. High-quality, field-tested industrial components as well as sophisticated methods and test equipment guarantee quality, safety and durability.

Container Port

Container Port challenge

At ports and container depots, dampness, extreme weather conditions and rough handling place high demands on mobile computer solutions. Sturdy industrial computers help keep the complex work processes running. Universally-applicable industrial computers for extreme conditions. Optimizing cargo handling at container ports is a logistical challenge. The foundation is built by easy-to-operate, high-performance industrial computers. They support reliable container identification via RFID, the GPS tracking of vehicles and containers as well as efficient cargo management. It is even more important that they are as sturdy and adaptable as possible, because delays or especially downtimes in tight port schedules quickly cause high follow-up costs. Our industrial computers work reliably - even under the toughest environmental conditions.


  • Toughest environmental conditions
    Toughest environmental conditions

    Controlling freights and ships at high frequencies

    Container ports have an important distribution function for worldwide flows of goods. Processes must interlock seamlessly, as every downtime has disastrous consequences and results in high costs. The time and cost pressure is also extremely high in this market. The logistical procedures are planned down to the last detail and are supported by a large variety of transport vehicles - container bridges, portal cranes and various vehicles ensure an orderly flow of goods.

    Problem-free transport and loading processes are possible, however, with state-of-the-art, networked transfer technologies - our vehicle mount terminals and tablet PCs reliably ensure interruption-free communication between all involved parties, even under extreme conditions.

  • Day to day at the container port
    Day to day at the container port

    Universally-applicable industrial computer for extreme port conditions

    Ports compete for ships and loads; the turnover figures grow; the mix of goods becomes more and more diverse and requires increased flexibility - containers, grabbable cargo, liquid and suction material must be handled just like classic general cargo or project cargo. Certifications make the decision for our terminals easy - our vehicle computers are certified for Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).

Industrial Production

Operating and machine data logging (MDE / BDE)

Our industrial PCs guide staff as effectively as possible through manufacturing processes, support work processes and make manufacturing data available for production. Production machines can be operated interactively with computers via touchscreens. Information screens provide 3D drawings, status information, machine statistics and information that help to prevent errors.

  • Optimal process sequences
    Optimal process sequences

    Ideal characteristics for all production environments

    • Stable products developed for continuous use
    • Large selection of peripheral equipment for easy connection
    • High IP protection class up to IP66
    • Standardized interfaces for quick connection
    • Advanced communication functions
  • Day to day in industrial production
    Day to day in industrial production

    Order visualization in industrial production


    • Reliable and maintenance-free industrial PCs
    • High system stability and performance
    • Standardized mounting individually adapted to the needs of the customer
    • Large display
    • Easy touchscreen operation
    • Compatibility with existing and new software

    Sturdy industrial PCs monitor production processes and are the basis for
    prompt status requests and comprehensive reporting 

    • Machine and system states can be visualized even over long distances
    • Optimization possibilities in the production chain can be identified
    • Errors and target/actual deviations are promptly detected
    • Troubleshooting measures can be quickly initiated
    • Products, components and batches can be consistently traced