Changing Port Environment

The Changing Port Environment

Port environments have been significantly changing over the last decades. The movement from containers off ships and on to other transportation mutated into a constantly growing complex of supply networks. The infrastructure of ports is no longer keeping up with the increase in cargo growth at a global level. New technologies, like 5G, sensor technologies, automation and value-added services beyond the mere movement of cargo are in demand. Besides a variety of data that encompasses the movement of goods, the need to know the change of custody items, arrangement of containers, servicing of ships and scheduling of resources are inalienable. Also security and customs procedures, as well as environmental issues have to be emphasized.

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The Challenges of Port Management

  • Trade growth, offshoring, geographic separation of production from consumption
  • Complex systems implemented with multiple applications, interfaces and infrastructure
  • Pollution of the surroundings
  • Data and processes for consignee visibility, internal operations and planning of consignor
  • Security in cargo handling for purpose of track and trace
  • Pirated content, gray market port operations need more comprehensive security

Computing Solutions Enable Smart Ports

While maritime logistics and port operations are experiencing ever more extensive digitalization, a smart port is one in which processes are automated and connected using emerging technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies that improve both the port´s performance and its competitiveness. Based on many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of resistant terminals, Advantech knows and understands the multilayer logistics processes at ports. Currently, over 50 ports worldwide are using Advantech equipment and wireless technology. Advantech complements the port environment with RF-infrastructure products viable for the outdoor environment and for secure data collection by using private and public networks via LTE. Ports will be able to handle bigger ships and containers through a combination of intelligent load automation and more efficient transportation. Advantech offers client devices for data collection with IP65 and IP66 specifications for an effective data capture system worldwide under virtually any condition.

Gapless Workflow Guarantees Maximum Safety

This leads to an increasing need for information beyond the identification and movement of containers. Additionally, information about the scheduling of resources and real-time state of port operations need to be captured. All communication has to be real-time to provide proper visibility and must be based on information and network technologies that are widely supportable and based on standard IP protocols to allow the systems to converge. An operator’s primary role is to move material, and not spending time interfacing with the IT system. That is why an automated data collection is indispensable. Devices should be automated as much as possible, should work in the background in a naturally intuitive way and should not demand the operator. Information needs to be real-time, constantly available in a robust environment and particularly accurate. Therefore Advantech´s devices include the following key features:

  • Latest technologies (Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS) deliver best connectivity and tracking
  • Protection against shock & vibration up to class 5M3
  • NAVIS-certified
  • 360° protection against dust and water for the entire system with IP65 and IP66
  • Sunlight-readable displays with excellent display quality
  • Projected capacitive touch: extremely resilient, scratch and abrasion-resistant touchscreens
  • Expanded temperature range: Can be used between -30 °C and +50 °C ( -22° F and 122° F)
  • Wide range of mounting concepts, also tailored special solution

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