DLT-V7212P+: Stylish New Look – Same Rugged System

DLT-V7212 P+ for enhanced performance 

DLT-V7212 P+ is a rugged vehicle-mounted terminal designed for logistics applications and to provide maximum system uptime. The compact thin bezel design allows it to fit into the smallest vehicle cabin. DLT-V7212 P+ increases driving safety, as its' compact design is reducing the visual field restrictions to a minimum. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ E3845 quad-core, 1.91 GHz, processor with 4 GB RAM, DLT-V7212 P+ supports a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 50 °C/-22 ~ 122 °F) to withstand operation in extreme industrial environments (from hot and humid, to dry freezer environments). The Advantech low-profile antenna offers excellent transmission capabilities in a compact form factor. The PCT touchscreen ensures easy input and supports gloved operation

Besides Windows and Linux OS, the DLT-V7212 P+ also runs with Android, since Android has become the most popular operating system on the consumer market for mobile devices. It is continually moving forward in the logistics area. The fast growing traction of Android on handhelds in warehouses and industrial environments is a door opener for a similar traction on vehicle mounted devices in logistics. DLT-V7212 P+ provides a fitting device for any logistical need. It is equipped with a strong Wi-Fi roaming capability, an abrasion-resistant screen, IP66-rating for protection from water and dust as well as operation in a wide operating temperature range in harshest environments. Advantech Android is highly-customizable, without limitations of a consumer Android. It is truly non-GMS and therefore giving Google no backdoors to enter the system.

Value-Added Device Management

Offering value-added software is essential. With powerful tool sets for device management like SOTI, Staylinked and MDevice, DLT-V7212 P+ can offer full mobile device management functionality. With the MDevice configuration tool, the DLT-V7212 P+ can perform advanced system settings, supporting all features and increasing overall worker efficiency. With Staylinked transforming application screens into easy-to-use screens to enable rapid training from a familiar interface is easy.

With its features tailored to market requirements, the DLT-V72 Android is able to meet even the toughest demands.

    Industrial Android, non-GMS: Gives Google no backdoors to access the system

   Also supports Windows and Linux OS

    Multi-touch capable with PCT: Supports gestures like zoom, pinch, rotate and many more

    Display heating (defroster)

    Optional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) via backup battery

    Excellent WLAN Roaming: Uninterrupted data transmission, even in fast moving forklifts

    Mounting and fitting options

    360° protection against dust and water in accordance with protection class IP66

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