Fleet Management

Manage vehicle fleets efficiently

The fleet and transportation industry has long been developing rapidly in terms of informatization and mobilization. In recent years, the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has bolstered the industry’s smart development. Fleet Management and transportation employing AI image recognition and applications incorporating unmanned autonomous driving have all become feasible, ushering in a new era in the logistics sector. As speed and safety are the two major elements in upgrading transportation performance, many large-sized transportation operators started incorporating electronic and mobile systems more than 10 years ago. In recent years, they have further utilized cloud, AI and 5G technologies to build smart applications, accurately managing their fleets and monitoring driver behavior while improving delivery efficiency and driving safety

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The Challenges in Fleet Management:

  • Punctuality of vehicles
  • Forecast of the vehicle load
  • High demands on safety and personal protection
  • Increasingly higher connectivity in order to integrate peripherals
  • Enable mobile data acquisition & mobile devices for tracking & tracing applications

Solutions must be flexible so that drivers can carry devices with them and record data via NFC, scanning or RFID modules and communicate this to the higher-level BUS or backend systems via wireless modules (WiFi or WWAN, Bluetooth).

The Internet of Things has also found its way into Fleet Management. As in hardly any other area, integrated Advantech computer solutions support organizational and logistical tasks and help to cope with the high cost and time pressure. They bring all essential data and information together and visualize them, allow real-time communication, reliable charging and scheduling, seamless traceability and much more. In order to efficiently control truck fleets, robust vehicle computers that can be easily integrated into modern tour and Fleet Management systems are required. Necessities for these vehicle computers are, for example:

  • the visualization of all driver information on a display
  • the merging of data from all connected systems
  • data availability and updating in real time
  • high operational security and reliable support.

Advantech in-vehicle computing box satisfies all the carrier’s requirements. With its rugged aluminum enclosure, the system is tolerant to vibration, dust water, and supports a wide operating temperature, making it ideal for extreme in-vehicle environment. The DC power is designed to handle power on/off delay functions allow voltage stabilization when starting the engine. Equipped with flexible communication technology, such as IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS and LTE enabling real-time data transmission.


  • WLAN, LTE, Bluetooth and WWAN modules
  • Tracking & Tracing, GPS
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Integration of external scanner and printer solutions
  • Robustness and after-sales service

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